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COTESMA expands technology with Sera4

The Cooperativa Telefónica de San Martín de los Andes (COTESMA) is a telecom co-op located in Patagonia, Argentina. COTESMA currently provides high-speed internet service to more than 5,500 families and works with public and private institutions to ensure the well-being of the community through economic, sports and education programs.

A core strategy at COTSEMA is to use the latest technology to optimize their operations and business. That is why they chose Sera4’s system to manage site access across their network. AP3 armored padlocks with Teleporte keyless access control easily replaced the traditional keys and padlocks at each site.

Cotesma office and staff

Graciela Martínez, General Manager at COTESMA, confirmed that Teleporte now successfully provisions physical access to its sites and verifies who has been there. COMUNITEL helped locally to configure and set up the system for COTESMA. The results exceeded the expectations of the deployment.

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