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Cerento Selects Teleporte Keyless Access Control to Centralize Access Management

WATERLOO, ONTARIO, June 1, 2022 – Cerento Inc., an EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) Company headquartered in Riverton, WY, has selected Sera4’s Teleporte keyless platform to provide centralized management for site access and security.

Cerento designs, installs and maintains a variety of customer fixed wireless, microwave and fiber optic networks across the US. Part of Cerento’s core offering is a network management service, which monitors and maintains client networks ensuring reliable service around the clock.

Site and service maintenance often requires immediate physical access. Before adopting Teleporte, Cerento customers struggled with site access and security.   Access codes were lost, locks were being cut and delays were caused by access issues to critical network infrastructure.

Teleporte keyless access has resolved those persistent issues. Sera4 armored keyless padlocks were installed at all critical access points. These are easily reassigned from one point to another as requirements demand. Without having to coordinate physical keys to enter sites, Cerento freed up more time to work on other projects and issues.

“The Sera4 Teleporte access control solution has streamlined our site security and access.  We have been able to easily and cost effectively adapt our existing locks with the Sera4 locks and onboarding the new systems into Teleporte is easy and quick!” says Kim Kobbe, President of Cerento. “We were up and running with it in no time.”

With the access problems addressed, Kobbe described how Cerento found added value in not having to rekey locks anymore. Cerento has also been able to optimize their operations further based on profiled access data collected over time.

Sera4 protects critical infrastructure in remote places around the globe. Teleporte, Sera4’s keyless platform for physical access control, is both easy to use and highly secure. Operating across four continents, Sera4 provides security and identity control for some of the world’s largest service providers.

“It is a privilege to work with and support Cerento’s organization with Teleporte keyless access,” says Eric Corej, VP of Global Sales at Sera4. “We are designed for telecom infrastructure service for harsh locations and for harsh climates, which meets the requirements for Cerento’s applications. It means a lot to us to create real value as we solve problems in the broadband space.”

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