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AP Towers Selects Teleporte Keyless Access Control to Secure Telecom Towers

WATERLOO, ONTARIO, February 8, 2022 – AP Towers, a telecommunications tower and other passive telecommunications infrastructure provider in Myanmar, has selected Sera4’s keyless access control solution, Teleporte, to provide secure, reliable, and scalable access control to its telecommunications tower and other assets. 

Paul Jacob, Operations Manager at AP Towers Myanmar, lead the implementation of Teleporte. “The most compelling feature (of Teleporte) is the use of a mobile application to lock and unlock the padlock. This eliminates the use of physical keys,” says Jacob. “The mobile app also eliminates the challenges associated with key management. When users request a key from the Operation Centre, it’s easy to issue an electronic key via Teleporte and provide the appropriate access.”  

Sera4 AP3 padlock securing gate on AP Towers Myanmar assets

Teleporte also provides AP Towers with the insights needed for operational improvements. “Through the integration of Sera4 to our net map, our Operations team is able to see, in real-time, anyone accessing our sites, and the time and durations of the visits,” says Jacob. “The access logs generated by Teleporte help us analyze our planned activities and gives the Operations team the data to make improvements.” 

Sera4 protects critical infrastructure in remote places around the globe. Teleporte, Sera4’s keyless platform for physical access control, is both easy to use and highly secure. Operating across four continents, Sera4 provides security and identity control for some of the world’s largest service providers.  

“We’re thrilled to partner with AP Towers to provide a simple, secure, and reliable solution that helps them protect critical infrastructure and serve their customers better,” says David Coode, CEO at Sera4. “We love that AP Towers is leveraging the insights and access logs delivered by Teleporte. That’s what we’re really selling—identity intelligence.” 

“AP Towers aims to be the number one tower company in Myanmar,” says Jacob. “We’ll accomplish this by using all the latest technology, including the keys that secure our infrastructure.” 

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