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Teleporte Passwordless Sign In

Today, we release the Teleporte Mobile App 6.6 for both Android and iOS, and we upgraded all Teleporte Cloud servers to 3.19. This change aligns to the state of the art security recommendation. It represents a big upgrade in security and convenience at the same time.

Why Passwordless?

Traditional passwords can be shared easily. Or they can be leaked, stolen and sold. They can be hacked with guesses or by password reuse. And the onus is on each user to use strong passwords. Let’s face it, we have so many services asking us for so many accounts with so many passwords that many of us reuse them. Or we just give up and use “password” or “12345”. All of these are understandable, but terrible for security.

New Sign In Screen Options

Passwordless authentication uses your email’s security to validate that you are you on an ongoing basis. Email services have the best security going for them since all the “Reset your password” links use email to work. Passwordless just short-circuits the process and improves upon it.

Passwordless will be the default for new Teleporte accounts from herein, with the option to default back to email and password – depending on your company policy. It will make the activation and sign in process smoother. Users will now have the option to receive a link to their email, giving them access to their Teleporte account. Once you’re authenticated on mobile or on desktop, then you’re in for a period determined by your company policy. After that, repeat the quick and easy process whenever you need to get back in.

Introducing Teleporte User Names

We’re also introducing the option to identify yourself by user name rather than only by email. Choose your user name early to reserve your unique one. This new feature improves privacy on our platform. We’re giving you the opportunity to hide your email address in reports, access management and sign in activities.

Just like with passwordless authentication, the choice of whether to use a user name is up to you (or your company policy). The Teleporte system works the same way by user name or by email address.

Try out passwordless next time you log in. Using it is the best way to find out how easy it really is. For help with or to learn more, please contact us!

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