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Start with Software

When considering how to evolve your access control solution, it’s natural to focus on the lock. After all, this is what controls access. We get it. It’s a physical thing that you can hold and own and it’s still common practice for software to be a secondary consideration. But we want to see this change.

Organizations who use padlocks have built processes around evaluating padlocks. There are standards governing the physical durability of padlocks. Similarly, the first consideration in applications where electric strikes are used, naturally is the ease of install in the doorframe. Or, to the strength of strike to resist break-in. And so on.

Consider that there is always a lock that will fit a door or gate. There are many lock solutions and qualifying any one is a fairly mundane task. Most of the value derived from upgrading to keyless access comes from the software. This is what issues keys automatically in a workflow, provides real time reporting on who gets in, and integrates to the rest of your operational technology. Going keyless is about a lot more than just not needing to remember your keys or avoid rekeying.  So, why don’t we start considering that first in the evaluation of an access control upgrade?

Why Software Matters More

Sera4’s solution architecture focuses on door controllers and padlocks. We purposefully sell technology that works with any lock or on any door or any gate, so that you can focus on the software – knowing that there are many locks from many vendors, and a lock that meets your physical requirements. A padlock is a very generic form factor that fits anywhere without a doorframe. Hasps can be designed as needed to facilitate an installation.In all cases, we’ve got you covered on the hardware side.  When you look at features, workflows, integrations and system stability, it’s clear that not all software is created equal: and that’s the part you’re really committing to when you invest in an access control system.

So, why not start with software? We realize this is new for most of our customers, so we’re happy to advise you on how to decide between software solutions. Reach out to us today!

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