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Sera4 Protects at Exploreservice

In Argentina’s province of San Juan, Exploreservice’s main offices and workshops store critical materials such as explosives. Exploreservice is a rock driller; excavating for the mining sector and for civil construction works, such as the layout of new roads.

The Need

Exploreservice needed strict access control to tools and magazines for handling explosives. They needed traceability of the materials, and records of the people who accessed them. They needed a robust solution that could work outside without issues. The most demanding requirement came from the remoteness of their storage facilities: They are often difficult to access, and often without connectivity or communications.

“Before adopting Sera4 padlocks, we used conventional locks. Workers would routinely forget and lose keys, causing us to break and change locks often. The protection we had then was more rudimentary and basic. Since learning about keyless locks, we have been looking for them until we finally got several units to start up in our plant. We now have more fluid and secure control of our facilities, since Teleporte tracks the entry and exit of people”, comments Alejandro Acosta, partner Manager of ADL S.R.L/ Exploreservice.

And he adds: “In addition to the security of such a robust and efficient padlock, what interested us in the Sera4 solution provided by ABEI was the management of information and control of all the movements of a secured area with keyless padlocks and controllers. This optimizes performance and streamlines our operations”.

The Challenge

“Most of the time we do not have connectivity and communication, and the terrain can be difficult. When workers arrive, it’s a massive inconvenience if they have a problem with the lock. The costs incurred by the simple act of replacing a lock or a key in such a remote and difficult to access site is surprisingly high”.

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An Exploreservice storage facility

The Solution

“After significant discussion, we decided to adopt Sera4. Now, with this solution implemented, the problem is solved. We have the safest job, and we even have ways to get the job done with little or no connectivity, thanks to the manual option of padlocks and locks. We can really say that Sera4 is solving multiple problems for us that may sound simple in a city, but that turn out to be a great complication when we are far away in the countryside”, explains the executive.

In the past, Exploreservice suffered some internal losses due to a lack of effective control, and some lack of records in handling the flow of spare parts and tools. Alejandro Acosta highlights that now, by having traceability and a strict record of the person who enters and at what time, that diversion gap is significantly reduced. According to Acosta, “the great advantage of the product is that it has great flexibility and offers a range of possibilities…so we hope to discover new tools that will be useful in various areas of our company’s development.”

The Implementation

The executive explains that crafting the deployment plan was the longest part. The installation of the product itself was easy. “For this, the support and advice that ABEI gave us was of vital importance. Both in listening to needs and in advising for optimal coverage, as well as in projecting needs to be implemented by the Company”.

He highlights the contribution of ABEI, whose permanent support proved to be essential. ABEI delivers with immediate help and assistance, in addition to addressing any concerns. ABEI has proven to be “a strategic partner in the area of ​​security”.

An AP3 padlock on the back of a metal storage container at Explorservice

This article was written by Revista Innovacion, originally in Spanish. Click here for a video about this case.

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