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The cloud and mobile platform for keyless access control

The Teleporte platform allows you to connect your locks, control access to your sites, and benefit from real-time analytics to optimize your operations. 

Teleporte Server and API

Increase efficiency

Issue and revoke thousands of digital keys efficiently and in real-time through our user friendly interface.

Enhance your operations

Automatically generate reliable access reports to know where and when your access points are being accessed, and by whom.

Integrate with existing systems

Teleporte integrates seamlessly with your own monitoring, ticketing, and business intelligence platforms.

Teleporte Mobile App

Eliminate physical keys

Phones respond to key creation and cancelation in real time.

Intuitive user interface

Users don't need training to use the Teleporte mobile app.

Protect your data

Independently authenticate users to their smartphones and the Teleporte server.

Leverage smartphone capabilities

Harness the potential of features already in your smartphones such as GPS, camera and biometrics.

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Teleporte Security

Security, scalability, and reliability are at the core of everything we do.

Trust your data
Teleporte has a unique and patented security architecture that does not rely on typical Bluetooth encryption methods.

No single points of failure
Teleporte off-the-grid access points only unlock on short-range proximity requests.

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