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Multi-Factor Authentication

Teleporte Cloud is upgrading (to version 3.18) and is available to all Teleporte users immediately. This update includes the option to enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) for system dashboard users.

By enabling MFA, our customers can bolster the security of their operations, and prevent unauthorized access to the Teleporte system. Once MFA is enabled, dashboard users can use any supported MFA mobile applications (e.g. Microsoft Authenticator or Google Authenticator) to provide the multi-factor authenticator code upon login. Teleporte Administrators can enable MFA for users in their organization.

This is the MFA screen shown when logging in from a new device.

More Live Updates in the Dashboard

This Teleporte Cloud update also bringd live updates to show open locks in the Dashboard.  Administrators no longer have to refresh their browsers to view an updated status of open locks in the Teleporte Dashboard. 

GPS Locations in Teleporte Reports

Teleporte 3.18 now includes lock GPS location coordinates in all reports, including lock access history reports. 

These are some of the updates we’re introducing. To learn more about Teleporte Cloud 3.18 please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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