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Modern Cloud Solutions Make On-Premise Deployments Obsolete

In the old days, computer programs ran on a computer. This makes perfect sense in the era where the computer was a standalone machine. The first server applications are the same: they ran on a specific server – a computer in a server room somewhere that was a single point of failure. If there was a power outage, a network outage, a cyber-attack or a fire where that one server was, it was a major crisis. On-premise deployments follow this outdated paradigm.

Modern cloud services are different. Let’s take Teleporte Cloud as an example. We take advantage of the ubiquity of the Internet. We split all the small computing tasks that build the whole service into what are called microservices


Microservices don’t live in just one place. They are distributed and self-healing and adapt to disruptions in network infrastructure. They also exist fairly independent of place: microservices are hosted across the globe and any one of a multitude of identical stateless microservices on the Teleporte network can service a request. It’s not just a routine running on one physical computer anymore. As a Canadian company we serve our clients in Tierra Del Fuego and Malawi with exactly the same high reliability we serve clients in New York. Technically speaking, we operate to a 2N+1 redundancy standard.

Modern network infrastructure also isn’t like it was a decade ago. There isn’t one point of failure or one cable that someone might haphazardly cut with a backhoe. Of course network damage happens from time to time, but with a distributed microservice architecture our users don’t notice as the system adapts around it.

Service Reliability

Proper cloud services design and network monitoring are critical components of a high-reliability solution. At Sera4 we do all the coding and quality assurance for Teleporte Cloud in-house. More importantly, we build our own monitoring tools that ensure network health and service availability. We monitor service availability with this tool, globally and 24/7. 

Sera4's internal network health monitoring tool
Part of Sera4’s internal live network health monitoring dashboard

Of course, a network administrator will need a general connection to the internet to work. Fortunately, these are often redundant with wired, wifi and cellular options to reach the internet. Like any good modern web interface today, we design our admin consoles to work on monitors found in network operations centers and equally on the small screens of our mobile phones. 

Reminder: Teleporte keys work and log activity as usual in case of a network outage.

Perhaps the last major concern is cybersecurity. Modern cloud solutions are definitely more secure (and certainly more carefree) than an on-premise solution. As new threats emerge, our systems update automatically to minimize risk. We keep everything updated to work with new phone models as well. From DDOS avoidance to load-balancing, we design the solution to be fully resilient.

Of course, we’d love to show off how this can work for you and why you don’t have to worry about racking another server in order to get the best of keyless access control. Request a demo with us to take the next step.

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