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Bringing Access Control back to the Lock

For generations, mechanical keys have been an integral part of our lives. Locks have become deeply ingrained in our culture. Since the process of using a key to open a door is so commonly known and doesn’t require explicit instructions, it’s no surprise that most people associate a lock with controlling the opening of a door that serves to protect an important space or asset.

A mechanical key is a shaped piece of metal that acts as a credential. Possessing the correct key is therefore the only way to determine whether someone is authorized to enter. There is no verification of identity, no access record-keeping, and thus, no simple way to grant or revoke access. This archaic access control mechanism exists within the self-contained locking cylinder that blocks the door physically. The same is true for combination locks that rely on a code as the credential.

From Metal to Modern Systems

In contrast to the archaic lock-and-key system, modern access control systems are sophisticated building intelligence systems. They consist of intricate wired networks that link central controllers, door and lock sensors, motion sensors, fire alarms, credential readers, security cameras, and electronically-controlled locks. Complex software like CCure or Lenel S2 integrates and runs these building systems. Complexity has been tolerated to deliver centralized credential management, time-based access policies, and access audit trails. An entire industry and ecosystem has emerged around these solutions, and we call it “access control”. Architects, security integrators, and interior decorators now specify access control systems. Locksmiths often only serve as subcontractors who install electric locks.

Sera4’s Teleporte system takes the benefits of access control right back to the lock. This system simplifies the installation process significantly as it does not require in-building wiring, data connection, or, in most cases, power to a door. Instead, it is installed where the lock would be placed, allowing it to combine the benefits of modern access control with the traditional lock, in a seamless and efficient manner, leaving all the complexity in the cloud.

Traditional keys and locks are versatile and can be used anywhere since they do not require power, data, or integration. At Sera4, we started by serving critical infrastructure that requires access control, but often lacks power and data connections due to remote locations. We provide the benefits of access control to all locks, including those in areas with limited access control. To learn more about applying this to your access points, feel free to contact us. There is a big world between traditional lock and key systems, and contemporary access control systems. We are happy to demystify it for you.

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