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Keyless Automation: It’s Time

It’s 2023. It seems that most people are becoming aware that keyless access control (or mobile credentials) is an option. It might still be confusing how to choose amongst the different ways to implement it or even understand the real value that keyless automation can bring to any organization that has assets.

Thinking about computers may help you understand why you should not hesitate to start using keyless physical access. By now, computers have revolutionized every aspect of our lives. A computer is just switches connected to, and controlling, other switches.  In the beginning, they were mechanical and required a lot of intervention. Over the last 70 years engineers have miniaturized and optimized so that billions of switches can switch billions of times a second. It is all very simple at the switch level, but the coordination, acceleration and optimization of all these switches give you the marvels that let you read this blog.  Imagine how archaic it would seem to do anything with a mechanical or early computer today!

Early Mechanical Computer

An easier way

Now, consider where we are with keys and access control. If you have a lot of sites, each one of these is like a switch. If you have a lot of people who need to get into these sites, each one of those is like a switch controlling another switch. Until now, we have been doing it the hard way, like a mechanical computer, because there was no better way!

Keyless systems like Teleporte bring automation to your operations like digital technology optimizes switches in a computer. Consider an example: when a customer requests maintenance in Zone F, keys to the 1000 sites in Zone F are automatically issued to the phones of the 250 contractors who will perform the work over the next 2 weeks. Contractors visit these sites, get in effortlessly, do the work, and it’s automatically reported back with no intervention. To make this happen, Teleporte would have instantly issued 250,000 digital keys with a single command. This happens every day. And those businesses who have embraced it report that there’s no going back.

At Sera4, we’re great at off-network, off-grid keyless access – but we’re happy to talk with anyone about how to make your asset maintenance or remote security wildly more efficient. Reach out to us and we’ll help guide you to a system that’s right for you.

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