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Introducing Teleporte Cloud 3.21 

The latest release of Teleporte Cloud enhances your security and efficiency with new features for access history, data visualization, and Teleporte Keyless license.

Teleporte Cloud is your tool to manage and monitor access to your physical assets, such as locks, doors, gates, and cabinets, from anywhere and anytime. With Teleporte Cloud, you can grant and revoke access permissions, generate and share digital keys, view and export access logs, and receive real-time notifications and alerts. 

We are excited to announce the new Teleporte Cloud 3.21 release on February 26. This release features our new Teleporte Keyless license and significant upgrades to data visualization. 

See your data

This release offers a brand new interface to display access history for users and locks, with refined filtering options for administrators to sort data by date effortlessly. Additionally, within this updated interface, we introduce visual aids – through various types of charts – to facilitate data overview and anomaly detection. 

Sera4 Teleporte Cloud 3.21 - Lock Access History Timeline
Sera4 Teleporte Cloud 3.21 - Lock Access History Report and Chart

Introducing the new Teleporte Keyless license

Teleporte Keyless is a new streamlined package that is ideal for clients who are looking to start their journey with smart locks With a Teleporte Keyless license, you can eliminate the need for physical keys and benefit from the reduced cost and hassle of key distribution and maintenance, as well as the increased accountability and transparency of access records. 

Sera4 Teleporte Cloud 3.21 - Teleporte Keyless License

Teleporte Keyless replaces our legacy Teleporte Standard service with a package that is both more affordable and more complete. Learn more about features of the Teleporte licenses here.

Available Now

All Teleporte customers will automatically be upgraded to 3.21 as of February 26.  

If you are interested in learning more about Teleporte Cloud and how it can help you improve your access control and data insight, please visit our updated website or contact us for a free demo. We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. 

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