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Introducing Connected Latch

Like most padlocks, our AP3 Armored Padlock can be locked by anyone at any time. Just push down the shackle and the padlock will lock with no questions asked. This is very convenient and intuitive. However, when someone who is not using the Teleporte mobile application closes the lock, the event is stored on the lock and not immediately synchronized to the Teleporte Cloud in real time. Result: secured sites may appear to be open until the lock is opened again. Sera4 is introducing Connected Latch to give our customers the option between flexible closing and strict close procedures.

App screenshot in Connected Latch mode

Organizations who enable Connect Latch feature will immediately change the behavior of their padlocks. The padlock will only lock if the shackle is pressed down while instructed to by the mobile application. This way, the app will always record close events in real-time and the system will show an accurate status.

This feature is just another way we offer our customers a choice. In this case, between maximum convenience or maximum compliance.

Sign in to our Support Portal to access the user guide for this and other features.

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