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Introducing AP3T

Our first markets of CALA and Africa are really rough places. Our customers really care about physical security. Everything is built tough, and it’s normal for thieves and vandals to bring dedicated equipment to break into locks. We started with the AP3 padlock, with a 10mm boron steel shackle. This shackle is tougher than most of the things it secures, so thieves usually end up going after fences, hinges, hasps, or other weak points near the padlock. We don’t often hear a customer in those markets say “your shackle is too thick”.

When we introduced the long shackle, it was just as tough with 10mm boron steel as well. It was designed for applications where the extra length facilitated getting the padlock off and on based on hasp design.

As we expand across North America, we recognize that access control is often about compliance and ensuring that workflows follow the right steps, and are reported correctly, rather than about raw physical toughness. That’s not to say tough is bad, but sometimes the hasps just need a smaller shackle in order to fit. 8-10mm hasp diameters are common in Canada and the US.

We’re introducing the AP3T, a thin-shackle version of the AP3, to address these needs with compatible options for our customers. This makes it easy to add more points to the Teleporte keyless access control network without expensive and inconvenient retrofits.

AP3 with 10mm Boron Shackle on the left. AP3T with 7mm stainless shackle on the right.

In addition to the new AP3T, we’re also offering new add-ons, such as accessories for confined spaces, to ensure that, with Teleporte, you can secure almost any physical asset. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements about our line of hardware accessories.

Our goal is to provide a unified access control solution to our customers, to help them secure all their physical assets through a single secure, reliable, and simple platform. We’ve learned that many customers can benefit from a mix of boron, long and thin shackles, as well as our unlock controllers to enable a comprehensive keyless access control solution without a lot of retrofitting.

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