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Introducing Access Manager

Teleporte makes it easy to grant physical site access to almost anybody at almost any time. Our customers issue digital keys all day long. Contrast this to setting up a Teleporte physical access control network for the first time, or adding new locks. That’s something that only happens rarely.

We recognize that a secure system is one where the user rights are in line with the job requirements. That’s why we are introducing Access Manager with Teleporte 3.15. Access Manager is a new profile created for our customers. Like a Teleporte Admin, Access Manager has all the power to grant and revoke keys and deal with any issues that might arise on the network. Unlike a Teleporte Admin, Access Manager can’t modify the locks setup in the system, or modify users, or other setup activity.

Closed circle for Access Manager; Closed and Open for Administrator

Customers who outsource their NOC manager roles will really appreciate this new role. The contractors will be able to do their jobs effectively without risk that they do things that might cause harm.

All customers will be seamlessly updated to 3.15 in May 2022. Customers should email if they would like advice on migrating some existing Teleporte Admin accounts to the new Access Manager profile. Anyone else should contact us to learn more about what Teleporte can do for you.

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