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How Secure is That Locked Filing Cabinet?

If you work in an office, chances are you have a desk and a filing cabinet that you lock with keys. You might think that your keys are safe and secure, and that only you or authorized people can access your documents and assets. But what if we told you that your keys are not as secure as you think, and that anyone can order their own keys to open your desk and filing cabinet without your knowledge or consent?

Many office furniture manufacturers use the same or similar lock codes for their products, and anyone can order replacement keys online using those codes. It can be as easy as placing an anonymous order with a company like Cubicle Keys, and someone can get their hands on your keys and access your confidential files, personal belongings, or valuable equipment. And you would have no way of knowing who did it, when, or why.

Example replacement cubicle key
Lost cubicle keys can turn up anywhere

This is a serious security risk that exposes your office to potential theft, fraud, identity theft, data breaches, and legal liabilities. Imagine if someone stole your client contracts, your employee records, your financial statements, or your intellectual property. Or if someone tampered with your documents, altered your data, or planted evidence. Or if someone used your keys to access other areas of your office, such as the server room, the cash register, or the safe. The consequences could be devastating for your business and your reputation.

Go Keyless

This is just an example that highlights why the old way of locking things up with shaped pieces of metal we’ve always known as keys doesn’t work in today’s connected age. It’s so easy to get a similar piece of shaped metal, but digital signatures and authorizations are developed to remain secure and traceable. And you can grant or revoke access to anyone, anytime, anywhere, with a few taps on your screen.

The physical access to anything important in 2024 should be secured without physical keys, cards or fobs. Sera4 specializes to make sure that any door, no matter how disconnected or remote, can be digitized for keyless access.

With Teleporte, you can rest assured that your assets are safe and secure, and that you have full visibility and control over your locks. You can also enjoy the convenience and efficiency of having a keyless access system that works with your phone. No more worrying about losing your keys, forgetting your keys, or carrying multiple keys. No more wasting time and money on replacing keys, rekeying locks, or changing locks. No more risking your office security and privacy with keys that anyone can order online.

Go Keyless

To learn more about Teleporte and how it can help you secure your office, get in touch to book a demo or request a quote. 

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