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How Much Time, Money and Hassle Can You Save by Going Keyless

A case study of a small community building that switched from mechanical keys to Sera4's Teleporte system


Have you ever wondered how much time, money and hassle you spend on managing mechanical keys for your building? If you are like most people, you probably have a bunch of keys on your keychain, some of which you don’t even remember what they open. You may also have experienced the frustration of losing a key, forgetting to bring it with you, or having to share it with someone else. And if you are a building owner or manager, you know how costly and risky it is to cut new keys, replace locks, and ensure the security of your premises.

What if there was a better way to access your building, without the need for any physical keys? A way that is more convenient, more secure, and more cost-effective? That’s what Sera4 offers with its keyless access solutions, based on its Teleporte platform. In this blog post, we will show you how a small community building with four doors and a traditional mechanical system upgraded to a keyless access system, and how it benefited from the change.

The Challenge

We worked with the owners of a community building that has been around for 35 years, and using been using mechanical keys for its four doors. Over the years, the building’s owners had issued about 500 metal keys to various tenants, staff, and visitors, and estimated that a similar number had been lost. Each one of these keys cost between $5 and $100, depending on the type and complexity of the lock, for a total estimated cost of more than $25,000. That’s more than $700 per year spent on cutting keys alone.

But the cost was not the only problem. Many people carried these keys around for years, which added to the weight and bulk of their keychains. Some people forgot to bring their keys with them, or left them in their cars or bags, which caused inconvenience and delays. And some people lost their keys, or gave them to someone else, which created security breaches. Even if there was nothing of physical value to steal in the building, the owners had a duty to protect the information and privacy of their tenants and visitors.

The owners realized that their mechanical system was outdated, inefficient, and unsafe. They wanted to upgrade to a modern, digital, and keyless system that would improve their access management and security, while saving them time and money.

A pile of keys that were replaced by Teleporte keyless access control system
The keys that one Teleporte system replaced.

The Solution

After doing some research, the owners decided to go with Sera4’s keyless access solution, based on its Teleporte platform. Teleporte is a cloud-based system that allows users to access doors, gates, and other assets using their smartphones, without the need for any physical keys, cards, or fobs. Users simply download the Teleporte app and open the door. The app also shows the status of the door, whether it is open or closed, and sends notifications and alerts in case of any issues. 

The owners contacted Sera4 and arranged for the installation of the keyless system. The process was simple and fast, and did not require any major changes to the existing doors or infrastructure. Sera4 installed four smart controllers, one for each door, that connected to the Teleporte cloud via cellular or Wi-Fi. The controllers replaced the mechanical cylinders and enabled the remote unlocking of the doors. Sera4 also provided the owners with a web portal, where they could manage the access rights of their users, monitor the activity of the doors, and generate reports and analytics. 

The installation was completed in a matter of hours, and the owners were ready to go keyless. They collected all the mechanical keys that they had issued, and invited their users to download the Teleporte app and register their accounts. They assigned each user a unique digital key, which they could revoke or modify at any time. They also set up different access levels and schedules, depending on the role and needs of each user. For example, they gave permanent access to their staff, temporary access to their visitors, and restricted access to certain areas or times of the day. 

The Results

After switching to the keyless system, the owners noticed a significant improvement in their access management and security, as well as a reduction in their costs and hassle. Here are some of the benefits they experienced: 

  • The money they saved on cutting and replacing keys paid for the entire keyless system, and then some. 
  • They saved time on issuing and collecting keys, as well as on dealing with lost or forgotten keys. They could grant or revoke access to anyone, anywhere, anytime, with a few clicks on their web portal or app. They also eliminated the need for key boxes, key rings, and key audits. 
  • They increased the convenience and satisfaction of their users, who no longer had to carry or remember keys, or worry about losing or sharing them. They could access the building with their smartphones, which they always had with them, and enjoy a seamless and touchless experience. 
  • They enhanced the security and safety of their building, by preventing unauthorized access, tracking the activity of the doors, and receiving real-time notifications and alerts. They could also remotely lock or unlock the doors, in case of an emergency or a special request.

The owners were very happy with their decision to go keyless, and received positive feedback from their users. They also appreciated the support and service they received from Sera4, who helped them with the installation, training, and troubleshooting. They recommended Sera4’s keyless access solution to other building owners and managers, who were looking for a smart, secure, and cost-effective way to manage their access. 


Keyless access is the future of access management, and Sera4 is the leader in providing keyless access solutions for various industries and applications. Whether you have a small community building, a large industrial site, or anything in between, Sera4 can help you upgrade your access system, and enjoy the benefits of convenience, security, and savings. Contact us today to find out more about our products and services, and to request a demo or quote. 

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