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Focus Integrations on the Cloud

We have invested in the Teleporte API for our integrations. At the same time, we have chosen not to offer an SDK. Here’s why.

First, some definitions

An Application-Programmer Interface or API is used to integrate Teleporte with job ticketing or workflow management systems in the cloud. These integrations are critical to achieve smooth and efficient operations. An API integrates the experience in the NOC and connects the data sources within a business. At Sera4, we have defined the Teleporte API to the highest standards, so that it is easy for everyone to integrate with it. While someone can use Teleporte without any API integrations, most of our customers do direct integrations with the API.

A Software Development Kit or SDK could be used to embed the functions of the Teleporte Mobile App into a third-party mobile application. The appeal can be obvious. No one wants to add another app on their mobile phone. Sometimes, corporate IT security protocols or union rules require special permission to download new apps. End users would prefer to have all functions and features available in a single app.

An Integrated Experience

At Sera4, we develop all our software in house. Our team writes every line of code for our mobile app, for our embedded code and for our cloud servers. We have chosen this relatively expensive approach to bring two important advantages to our customers. Firstly, we eliminate the risk that there are data leaks or back doors in the code that may have been inserted by subcontractors. We take our customers’ data integrity very seriously. Secondly, we develop the entire system. This means that we deliver a better end-user experience. Some elements of that experience require a close coordination between parts of our cloud infrastructure, API, mobile application and our embedded firmware. If we didn’t develop or control all of the elements, we couldn’t effectively address problems that arose in the interaction between them. We would also have difficulty to introduce new features to the Teleporte platform.

Our choice to not offer an SDK is a tradeoff between the ease-of-use of a single app with the reliability, security and feature-richness of a standalone app. In our experience in over a hundred deployments, the separate app is not a problem. One app can call another app without difficultly, so the user experience is still good and users don’t require extra training. We offer our Failsafe Unlock feature for situations where app downloads are not allowed.

Focus on API integrations

We see API integrations very differently. API integrations send instructions or fetch data from the Teleporte system. API integrations exist beside the Teleporte system, where an SDK would exist within the Teleporte system. We believe that the compromises made by avoiding an SDK are entirely manageable. On the other hand, our customers really benefit from the data that comes from a keyless access system. The data is far richer and the system is far more automated with an API integration.

We’re happy to consult on your specific integration requirements. Get in touch and tell us what you’d like to see in terms of data and system automation.

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