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Employees On Their Best Behavior

Learn how a keyless system can prevent asset losses and improve employee accountability.

Have you ever wondered how much money your company loses due to non-compliance, theft, and abuse of its assets? Whether it’s vehicles, equipment, buildings, or inventory, your company’s assets are valuable, and need to be protected. But how can you ensure that your employees and  contractors (or anyone else) accessing your assets are following the rules and not taking advantage of you?

The answer is Teleporte digital keys. Teleporte is a keyless system that replaces traditional keys with digital keys, accessed via smartphone, that can unlock any asset on short-range proximity request. But Teleporte is more than just a convenient and secure way to access your assets—it’s also a powerful tool to monitor and influence the behavior of your staff and contractors.

How Teleporte Ensures Compliance

By tracking every access event and providing you with data and insights on how your assets are being used, Teleporte provides you with the insights you need to uncover compliance risks and identify problematic behaviour. With Teleporte, you can see who accessed what, when, where and for how long. You can also set rules and permissions for each user and asset, and receive alerts and notifications for any unauthorized or suspicious activity.

The result is that Teleporte creates a culture of accountability and transparency in your organization. Your staff and contractors know that they are being watched, and that they have to follow the rules. They also know that they can’t get away with stealing, misusing, or damaging your assets. This changes their behaviour and reduces the chances of non-compliance, theft, and abuse.

Don’t just take our word for it! We have seen the impact of Teleporte on our clients’ bottom line. Our data shows:

  • capital losses of protected assets fall by 75-80% immediately when traditional keys are replaced with a keyless systems
  • employee behaviour profiling and analysis (via Teleporte) yields  95% increase in savings on the costs of asset theft, misuse, and abuse

Contact us today and find out how Teleporte can help you save money and trouble by protecting your assets and improving your staff and contractor behaviour. 

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