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    When Subscription Models Make Sense

    We encourage anyone buying a product or service to think critically about why it may be sold by subscription. In some cases, the subscription is tied to consumables. In other cases, the subscription is tied to access to content (like streaming services). Sometimes, it’s just a supplier who did the financial calculus and forces it for […]

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    We Sell Identity (not just access control)

    Security. Reliability. Scalability. These are all things that we’re proud to provide to our customers, and that our customers have come to rely on. One thing we don’t talk about enough is identity. We have a suite of hardware and software solutions to help utilities, telecom, oil & gas, and other industries provide access control […]

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    Hidden Access Control: Security through Obscurity

    Sometimes the best way to protect something is to hide it. To some people, a keyhole or a padlock or a handle on something will act as a public notice that reads Valuables Inside. Those who are motivated to steal notice these signals. And when they’re identified by those people, they can tell the story […]

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