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    Start with Software

    When considering how to evolve your access control solution, it’s natural to focus on the lock. After all, this is what controls access. We get it. It’s a physical thing that you can hold and own and it’s still common practice for software to be a secondary consideration. But we want to see this change. […]

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    Keyless Automation: It’s Time

    It’s 2023. It seems that most people are becoming aware that keyless access control (or mobile credentials) is an option. It might still be confusing how to choose amongst the different ways to implement it or even understand the real value that keyless automation can bring to any organization that has assets. Thinking about computers […]

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    Multi-Factor Authentication

    Teleporte Cloud is upgrading (to version 3.18) and is available to all Teleporte users immediately. This update includes the option to enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) for system dashboard users. By enabling MFA, our customers can bolster the security of their operations, and prevent unauthorized access to the Teleporte system. Once MFA is enabled, dashboard users […]

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