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    Why Reliability is Your Keyless Access Control Program’s Most Important KPI

    Keyless access control systems are becoming more common, especially to safeguard critical infrastructure and remote sites. While there are a number of benefits to going keyless, there is always a risk of low adoption. In our experience, the reliability of a solution, whether actual or perceived, is the most significant factor in a successful implementation.  In short: if the […]

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    Keyless Padlocks in Winter

    Winter is hard on padlocks. We know. We live in Canada. Cold can make oil sticky. Freezing rain and a hard frost can seal moving parts. Here are some things you should be considering when deploying keyless padlocks in a winter climate. Battery Types Most battery types (and all rechargeable types we know of) have […]

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    Hidden Access Control: Security through Obscurity

    Sometimes the best way to protect something is to hide it. To some people, a keyhole or a padlock or a handle on something will act as a public notice that reads Valuables Inside. Those who are motivated to steal notice these signals. And when they’re identified by those people, they can tell the story […]

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