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    Keyless Automation: It’s Time

    It’s 2023. It seems that most people are becoming aware that keyless access control (or mobile credentials) is an option. It might still be confusing how to choose amongst the different ways to implement it or even understand the real value that keyless automation can bring to any organization that has assets. Thinking about computers […]

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    Securing Spaces vs. Assets

    Although many people perceive a locked door to function similarly to any other locked door, it’s important to distinguish between doors that control access to certain spaces and those that protect items. While both aim to allow authorized individuals in and prevent unauthorized access, they serve different purposes. By understanding this difference, it becomes clearer […]

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    Focus Integrations on the Cloud

    We have invested in the Teleporte API for our integrations. At the same time, we have chosen not to offer an SDK. Here’s why. First, some definitions An Application-Programmer Interface or API is used to integrate Teleporte with job ticketing or workflow management systems in the cloud. These integrations are critical to achieve smooth and […]

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