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    The True Cost of the Master Key

    If you operate or maintain any kind of infrastructure, you probably have an access system that has keys and a master key that can get into anything. There seem to be good reasons to set up a master key system. And, setting mechanical systems up for a master key isn’t always expensive on the quote. […]

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    Preventing a Relay Attack

    This story has been another unfortunate illustration of Bluetooth security vulnerabilities and lock vendors who may lack the expertise in cybersecurity to secure your property properly when using digital keys. In this case, the attack strategy used is known as a relay attack. How we prevent relay attacks Relay attacks are well known. The only […]

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    Keyless Network and Server Cabinets Made Easy

    Most critical infrastructure environments contain some form of network and/or server cabinets. No matter where these cabinets may be — in IT/telecom closets, wall mounted above factory floors, in remote hallways and parkades, at remote shelters, or even in data centers — the consensus is clear: access control at the network or server cabinet is […]

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