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    Start with Software

    When considering how to evolve your access control solution, it’s natural to focus on the lock. After all, this is what controls access. We get it. It’s a physical thing that you can hold and own and it’s still common practice for software to be a secondary consideration. But we want to see this change. […]

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    Bringing Access Control back to the Lock

    For generations, mechanical keys have been an integral part of our lives. Locks have become deeply ingrained in our culture. Since the process of using a key to open a door is so commonly known and doesn’t require explicit instructions, it’s no surprise that most people associate a lock with controlling the opening of a […]

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    Securing Spaces vs. Assets

    Although many people perceive a locked door to function similarly to any other locked door, it’s important to distinguish between doors that control access to certain spaces and those that protect items. While both aim to allow authorized individuals in and prevent unauthorized access, they serve different purposes. By understanding this difference, it becomes clearer […]

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