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    COTESMA expands technology with Sera4

    The Cooperativa Telefónica de San Martín de los Andes (COTESMA) is a telecom co-op in located in Patagonia, Argentina. COTESMA currently provides high-speed internet service to more than 5,500 families and works with public and private institutions to ensure the well-being of the community through economic, sports and education programs. A core strategy at COTSEMA is to […]

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    Sera4 Secures Maru Towers Sites

    Maru Towers, a new telecom infrastructure company based in South Africa, chose Sera4 to manage physical access to sites with the Teleporte keyless access network. “We knew during the planning stages that going with keys was going to be a giant headache,” said Tumelo Mailula, CEO at Maru Towers. “We deployed Sera4 from the start […]

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    Sera4 Protects at Exploreservice

    In Argentina’s province of San Juan, Exploreservice’s main offices and workshops store critical materials such as explosives. Exploreservice is a rock driller; excavating for the mining sector and for civil construction works, such as the layout of new roads. The Need Exploreservice needed strict access control to tools and magazines for handling explosives. They needed […]

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