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    Your Wi-Fi Security is Obsolete!

    Today, the world came to know that Wi-Fi has a catastrophic vulnerability in its negotiation of security keys. Unlike the cracking of WEP (over 15 years ago) – this represents a huge concern for individual and corporate “privacy” as: the reliance of Wi-Fi for data transport has become the default standard rather than the exception, […]

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    Will Your Employees’ Mobile Devices Work With New Smart Locks?

    Will your employees’ phones all work with the new Smart Locks you want to buy? Designing and supporting a wireless application for the many variants of Android is challenging.  Add to this, a plethora of device manufacturers who use a variety of wireless stacks, and you get:          an interoperability nightmare Just ask Kevo, they support only […]

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    Being a Co-op at Sera4

    As a 2nd year engineering student from the University of Waterloo, there is a lot to be offered when working at a start up like Sera4 as a co-op. To start, specializing in hardware and firmware development allows me to be directly involved in all aspects of the product. With limited industry experience, working alongside […]

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