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Better Data Visualizations in Teleporte

Today, we released updated versions of Teleporte Cloud server 3.20 and Teleporte Mobile App 6.7. We understand that the real value in keyless access control is knowing what’s going on with your sites and your workers. Better data visualizations lead to better decisions. That’s why both of the Teleporte upgrades show you your network data and status in more powerful and immediate ways.

In the Teleporte Admin Dashboard, the new Reports view is accessible from the main menu (top left icon). Reports now previews the data that you can download for archiving or for post-processing. You are able to see the first dozen lines of data live, which may be helpful to see the latest network activity at a glance.

Teleporte Cloud 3.20 has more powerful data visualization tools such as this graph

We’ve also introduced much more powerful data graphing capabilities. See trends in your data in real time. It’s a more powerful way to understand the data you may want to export. You filter and present the data as you like.

Analyze trends in your data

We’ve updated the data you can see in the Teleporte Mobile App as well. One of the most useful ones is on our Work Sessions feature. The middle tab has been overhauled for Work Sessions, while keys now appear under your account tab. When you’re checked in to a site, the app shows the open locks on the site to make an easy checklist to secure the site on the way out.

The new account tab now shows keys
The new sites tab with site live status indicator

All current subscribers have already been updated to Teleporte Cloud server 3.20 automatically. Teleporte Mobile App 6.7 is available now at the App Store and Google Play for download for free.

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