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Another Update to Teleporte Dashboards

We upgraded all customers to Teleporte Cloud 3.16 this week, with new powerful data visualizations. This is a significant step forward. We share more data, in more useful ways, that leads to more informed and better decisions.

Here is a preview of some of the updates already available to all customers. One of the big advantages of using a cloud-based solution is that upgrades happen transparently in the background and are available to all customers instantly.

The new User tab now includes a dynamic graph of a user’s access history and new option to filter digital keys. 

A summary of a user’s lock notes and work session events is also accessible from the new User tab.

A new picking window to edit tags to add users and locks is convenient. It allows you to work on these fields without having to leave whatever page you’re working from.

Our customers can now add locks and assign keys to Teleporte sites more easily with the new intuitive web interface.

We also improved our mapping interface in 3.15. You can select contrast and points of interest with the new options menu. Access points can be filtered based on lock status (open, closed) and lock type (padlock and controllers).

This is just a preview of the powerful features of the Teleporte platform for managing distributed physical access. Contact us for a complete demo. We love to show this off.

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