Secure, reliable and scalable
keyless access control for
critical infrastructure.

Now passwordless and even more secure than ever!

Efficient Security without Anonymity

Identification at access protects assets more than robust physical security

  • Security is at the core of everything we do
  • Locks and access points are not directly connected to the cloud
  • Automatically and definitively identify who, when and where
  • Only unlocks on short-range proximity requests
  • Eliminate wait times and address overburdened NOCs
  • No need for internet connectivity and works in power outages
  • Even Failsafe Unlock identifies the user in the logs

“These three principles are at the core of everything we offer at Sera4”

David Coode, CEO

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Some of those who already trust us

Choose SERA4 – The World leading provider of keyless access control for critical infrastructure, as a vendor partner to help grow your business.

The Sera4 Authorized Integrator Program is designed to help system integrators, contractors, and installers gain profitable incremental revenue opportunities. Sell, install, and manage the Sera4 keyless access control solution.

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